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Community Projects

This Summer's Community Project:

We need your help to crochet or knit "Purritos" - tiny sweaters for kitten bottle babies.

Hundreds of nursing kittens are cared for by rescues across Colorado.
Purritos will make a big difference to their care!  They help to:
* Manage suckling issues that can cause infections
* Maintain body temperature
* Prevent licking after spay or neuter procedures

Download patterns here:
Purrito Crochet Patterns
Purrito Knit Pattern version 12.1
Purrito Knit Pattern version 13
Purrito Project Example Photos
Purrito size template

Donate Time.

Knit/crochet from your own stash, or use yarn from the store's donation bin.
Anyone who brings in an item will receive 10% off a purchase.

- or -

Donate Materials.
Purchase yarn at a 20% discount to add to the store's donation bin,
for any knitter/crocheter to grab for creating an item!

Spring 2021 Project:

As an Ex-Neonatal Social Worker, I know first hand the importance of keeping premature babies warm.
The Tangled Ball partnered with Lutheran Hospital's Neonatal Intensive Care Nursery, and our customers knitted and crocheted 26 baby blankets and 165 baby hats for the smallest of the small!

Fall/Winter 2020 Project:

Hats, gloves, scarves & toys -- all created by our knitting & crocheting community, donated to families in need at Lake Middle School.