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Pony Split French Knitter

Split French Knitter

Splits in two halves and allows you to use your imagination in wrapping objects with large end attachments.

Unique to PONY and Patent Applied, this revolutionary tool takes traditional French knitting to a whole new level of creativity and fun.

The set consists of 1 SPLIT French Knitter, 12 pegs, 6 U-pins, 1 Loom hook, 3 rubber rings and a set of instructions. The pegs and U-pins are interchangeable. Use pegs when working with thinner yarn or floss. You can use any number of pegs but as a guide, use 12 pegs for the finest yarns and 6 for slightly thicker yarns.

U-pins are ideal when using thicker yarns – you can use all 6 pins or just 4 depending on the yarn.

Simply place the yarn end and the object to be covered inside the French knitter cavity. Join and close both halves of the French knitter together using the rubber rings to hold in place.

You can now start French knitting around the object, pulling gently on the yarn at the base of the French knitter as the knitted cord starts to grow.

Dress up the USB cord of your Smartphone, jazz up your ear plugs, bag handles or thin straps – the possibilities are endless. With the Split French Knitter from PONY you can make everyday objects stylish and unique!