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Woolly Chick by Marie Mayhew

Woolly Chick by Marie Mayhew
A knit and felt baby chick design, 8-page booklet format.

How to knit and felt a little fuzzy easter chick. Eggs shown are not included in this pattern. The eggs pattern is the Woolly Eggs.
Knit and felt a few chicks to tuck inside your Spring time baskets. They are quick and easy to felt up, so plan on hatching a dozen or so. They lend themselves to needle felting polka dots all over their bodies or tiny flower bonnets to tie around their necks. They use sport weight yarn.

Skill Level: Intermediate, requires double point needle experience.
Materials: sport weight 100% wool yarn, size 8 double point needles, fiberfill, 24-gauge wire, orange seed beads, ribbon
Recipe: Macaroon Nests with Chocolate Eggs

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